We are potentially healers of ourselves and this is a good moment to find our inner strength and reinforce our vital energy (Qi) with confidence.

Our entity, in order to cope with the challenge of this change, activates the Sympathetic Central Nervous System to work intensively.

In times of stress, anxiety, distress, uncertainty and fear, the body pulls out all its substances and sends them to the mechanism Fight or Flight. The functions of the vital organs and orders of the Central Nervous System are coordinated to adapt to the defense of the risk (stress condition). Tachycardia, panic attacks, phobias, muscle tension, insomnia, obsessions, etc. may occur. They are reactions of the Central Nervous System, symptoms that indicate the state of stress that the human system is in. Health has been threatened; fear of contagious disease and the storm of information weaken our vital energy and strengthen the primary instinct for survival.

As a result, the Parasympathetic System, (the relaxation function, the break of the human body) that compensate the tension and overwork towards balance (homeostasis) of human system, becomes inactive and unable to cope with the excessive effort it makes.

Mental resilience and physical defenses, under this state of survival, need to be nourished, strengthened and enriched.

We can transform stress into vitality in our daily lives by significantly increasing some factors:

  • In order to strengthen the body’s defenses beyond all the instructions we have received, we can follow very simple practices with attunement, awareness and, above all, focus on balancing its various systems. This could be done through the deepening of the breath and its connection with the physical gentle movement, the relaxation of the mind, the strengthening of our vital energy, the energy work..
  • Individual sessions and group meetings are provided online.
    The online sessions and group meetings can helpy ou to de stress, revitalize and give you tools to align your bodymind. Principles of Shiatsu in distant healing could make you to explore a new relation with yourself and a self-development approach where you will be balanced and confident to deal with daily life challenges.
    Deep relaxation, self-improvement, harmonization and enjoyment help the body at all three levels of the Body – Soul – Mind.

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