Antigoni Tseggeli

  • • Holistic Wellness Therapies
  • • Zen Shiatsu practitioner
  • • Aesthetics
  • • Energy work
  • • Qi Gong Trainer
  • • Trainee Certified Focusing Professional (CFP)
  • • The International Focusing Institute NY (TIFI)
  • • Retreats / Workshops
  • • President Hellenic Shiatsu Society

Individual Sessions

Retreats Well being - Wellness

  • • Holistic Aesthetics
  • • Sound Therapy
  • • Crystall Therapy
  • • Lymphatic Massage
  • • Bodywork
  • • Focusing & Shiatsu

Tel.: +30 6972 835105
According to the current instructions, a certificate of illness, vaccination or rapid test, as well as a mask are required.

We comply with all the necessary health protocols:

  • • disposable supplies
  • • antiseptics
  • • masks

Agatsou – Harmonize


AGATSOU is a complementary therapeutical method that offers a great help for mental and physical rebalancing in the body system.

The transmission of Agatsou healing process in acupuncture points on the body in combination with other complementary tecniques of:

  • Shiatsu
  • Reflexology
  • Craniosacral
  • Cystal therapy
  • Light, colour, sound therapy

aimed all three levels, body, mind and soul.


The techniques are individually selected each time and aim to correct specific imbalances.

SHIATSU is one of the most wellknown bodywork therapy, without pushing or stress the body.

The crystals, as a therapeutic agent, stimulate human energy, enhance the mind and affect the balance of the human systematic fields.

The healing power of sound using voice or tuning forks or Tibetan balls, resonates with every cell of the body and the aura.

AGATSOU is an alignment bodywork care, recharging, relaxing, revitalising, enjoying. A profound treatment that enhances physical and mental wellness that activates the self healing forces of the organism.


Therapeutic effects

  • in Psychosomatic disorders such as headache, nervous depression, insomnia, poor digestion, intense stress, fatigue, local or chronic disfunctions because it promotes psycosomatic release and offers tranquility relief
  • Improving blood and lymph circulation, reducing rheumatic and muscular aches
  • Enhancing endocrine functions
  • Activation and revitalization of the whole organism, as it affects the neurovascular and immune system, improves the Cardiovascular and balances the Digestivesystem
  • It acts preventively for the health of the whole body

Not manifested Love is the Pain that follows us…