Antigoni Tseggeli

  • • Holistic Wellness Therapies
  • • Zen Shiatsu practitioner
  • • Aesthetics
  • • Energy work
  • • Qi Gong Trainer
  • • Trainee Certified Focusing Professional (CFP)
  • • The International Focusing Institute NY (TIFI)
  • • Retreats / Workshops
  • • President Hellenic Shiatsu Society

Individual Sessions

Retreats Well being - Wellness

  • • Holistic Aesthetics
  • • Sound Therapy
  • • Crystall Therapy
  • • Lymphatic Massage
  • • Bodywork
  • • Focusing & Shiatsu

Tel.: +30 6972 835105
According to the current instructions, a certificate of illness, vaccination or rapid test, as well as a mask are required.

We comply with all the necessary health protocols:

  • • disposable supplies
  • • antiseptics
  • • masks
Activate Your Luminous Body Aegina

Activate Your Luminous Body Aegina

The most powerful force for healing and regeneration lies deep within us. Our body wants to be healthy! A healing RetreatRejuvenation, Relax, Communication, Grounding, EnjoymentInternal acquaintance, Free Time, Sharing, Connection.An opportunity for surrendering,...

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Enjoyable 3 days in Aegina 8-9-10 October

Enjoyable 3 days in Aegina 8-9-10 October

Three days in nature and the sea with play, movement, good food and rest. After the excess of summer we come to the season of fo cusing inwards for the new era. Autumn leads to the Metal element that stabilizes the boundaries between the Outside and the Inside. A fine...

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