Antigoni Tseggeli

  • • Holistic Wellness Therapies
  • • Zen Shiatsu practitioner
  • • Aesthetics
  • • Energy work
  • • Qi Gong Trainer
  • • Trainee Certified Focusing Professional (CFP)
  • • The International Focusing Institute NY (TIFI)
  • • Retreats / Workshops
  • • President Hellenic Shiatsu Society

Individual Sessions

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According to the current instructions, a certificate of illness, vaccination or rapid test, as well as a mask are required.

We comply with all the necessary health protocols:

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  • • antiseptics
  • • masks

QiGong Healing Movement – Body – Mind – Breath

Mindfulness / Embodiment

Qi is the Life Force, the energy that strengthens body and mind. Gong is the physical state resulting from this magical work of this force (Qi).

Qi Gong together means exercising and cultivating of Movement and Mind that uses intention and mind to lead Qi (vital force), to work harmoniously. Practitioners regulate their body, breathing and mind using intention (Yi) to guide Qi to flow, collect, concentrate and release between human being and nature, in and out of the body.

The purpose of qi movement is to replenish, heal and upgrade the functionality of the whole body.

Qi Gong is a form of practice that helps someone gain good health and longevity for over 5,000 years in China. It started with traditional shamanic techniques in China to improve health and strengthen the capabilities of the Mind.

It is believed that Qi is the force behind the blood, which strengthens all organs and all parts of the body, as well as providing power to the functions of the human spirit and intelligence. Qi Gong was the main way to prevent and treat diseases until modern medicine was invented. It was the basis of ancient medicine and these methods included exercises and approaches to harmonize the body, mind and breath (Lyndeberg 1).

A power plant generates electricity and then supplies electricity to households and appliances via a power line. When there is an efficient energy production, all machines will run a large “BTU (thermal energy measurement)”. Just like when our Kidneys are in excellent condition, they will create Qi and then supply Qi to all the organs and parts of the body through the meridians. In turn, all vital organs will operate in high quality and people will enjoy a happy life and experience of spirituality.

Today the most popular and prevalent practice is for health: healing for others and self-healing. Qi gong can be very effective in chronic and degenerative diseases.

As a precautionary measure, Qi gong releases blockages before they develop into major problems. This process can be applied to everyone’s daily life. At work or in personal life, it is much better to manage small issues and anticipate them before they get out of control.

Strengthens the body’s resilience, helps flexibility and strengthens the back Improves body coordination kidney Cleanses the mind and increases mental clarity. Fatigue or exhaustion, blockage, stagnation of Qi leads to disease or degeneration. These conditions can be the result of poor living standards, such as smoking, insufficient sleep, or alcohol use. They may also be caused by injuries, environmental contamination or emotional cases. These blockages interfere to the transfer of vital energy to the body. According to Eastern Traditional Medicine and philosophy, the best doctor is not the one who takes care of the disease, the best doctor is the one who prevents the disease from appearing.


Qi Gong helps clear up blockages and prevent the onset of the disease by activating our vast natural self-healing potential.


Qi Gong does not work as a slow aerobic exercise or a fitness program. One needs to follow through the practice and cultivation of the right posture with the connection of the breath and the focus of the mind.


Benefits of exercise in Qi Gong

  • Improving blood circulation in the joints.
  • Improves conditions related to the heart, lungs and nervous system.
  • Relieves back pain, shoulders, knees.
  • Strengthens the legs.
  • Helps the digestive system and improves stomach-related conditions.
  • Improves the functions of all vital organs.
  • Reduces fat around the waist and helps with weight loss.
  • Relieves anxiety and headaches.
  • Strengthens the body’s resilience, helps flexibility and strengthens the back.
  • Improves body coordination.
  • Relieves from insomnia and fatigue.
  • Cleanses the mind and increases mental clarity.