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  • • Zen Shiatsu practitioner
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  • • Qi Gong Trainer
  • • Trainee Certified Focusing Professional (CFP)
  • • The International Focusing Institute NY (TIFI)
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  • • President Hellenic Shiatsu Society

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According to the current instructions, a certificate of illness, vaccination or rapid test, as well as a mask are required.

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  • • antiseptics
  • • masks

Special Aesthetics Applications – Rejouvance



Holistic Facial Refreshing Lifting Massage

«Our face is the link between our body, mind and emotions»

Beauty means health and starts from within us, from our good mood, clean food and water, exercise and rest. What is needed is to protect it in natural ways and natural materials. The skin is our housing, our consciousness and our lives.

The face is an open book and its special zones, work like luminous alarm indicators. Both the physical and psychological stress “etched” deep in facial expressions.

Our need for external beauty care, expresses our need to look after ourselves internally. And when our desire has this overall objective, the results are deep and lasting longer.

The technique of Rejuvance is a gentle and effective method, which renews and revitalizes not only the face and body, but the soul, too.

Rejuvance techniques are designed to lift and rejuvenate every part of the face, neck, décolleté and shoulders. The smooth wrinkles and fine lines disappear, elasticity returns, the muscle tension is released and good muscle tone is restored. So the person returns to the “natural shape” and that is why they call natural facelift.

Rejuvance works complementary to conventional medicine and aesthetics, offering additional benefits. It supports other aesthetic cosmetic care and aesthetic medicine procedures (botox, injections) for a longer effect.

During the treatment, which consists of six sessions of one hour, the color and texturebe improved, the deep lines of expression will alleviate and small wrinkles will disappear. The face will look fresh and juvenileof your skin will. Repeatingsessions every 4-6 weeks will enhance the effects of the initial treatment and will slow down the process of aging.

Recommended for individual preparation applications bridal makeup or special appearances for shine and refresh.

Further results:

  • Better sleep
  • Relief from headaches and migraines
  • Balancing autonomic system
  • Deep relaxation of the whole body
  • Destress