Antigoni Tseggeli

  • • Holistic Wellness Therapies
  • • Zen Shiatsu practitioner
  • • Aesthetics
  • • Energy work
  • • Qi Gong Trainer
  • • Trainee Certified Focusing Professional (CFP)
  • • The International Focusing Institute NY (TIFI)
  • • Retreats / Workshops
  • • President Hellenic Shiatsu Society

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  • • Holistic Aesthetics
  • • Sound Therapy
  • • Crystall Therapy
  • • Lymphatic Massage
  • • Bodywork
  • • Focusing & Shiatsu

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According to the current instructions, a certificate of illness, vaccination or rapid test, as well as a mask are required.

We comply with all the necessary health protocols:

  • • disposable supplies
  • • antiseptics
  • • masks


The crystals depending on their colors and chemical composition have a special influence in the human system.


Crystal therapy is an alternative treatment.

Placed on the body, especially on the energy centers (chakras) or around the body function as a magnetic field that stimulate human energy, enhance and affect his mental disposition, returning it in harmony. As transformers vibrate at a higher frequency, upliftingthe electromagneti field of the body, aligning to a higher tune. Theyresonate with our cells as we have common chemical elements.


The benefits of their support to our system are relief from muscle tension, psychosomatic disorders ranging from stress and mind defunction, insomnia, migraines. They bring deep relaxation, renewal of cellular memory, transformation and they achieve spectacular results.


Crystals and gemstones are the Earth’s gifts to it’s children.



Some high frequency sounds affect the human body, as pain relief. The sound therapeutical touch through the voice, tibetan bowls or tuning forks resonates with every cell of our system.


Sound is a form of energy that is vibrating at frequencies. Each frequency has a specific wavelength that is perceived through hearing, but also through the vibration in our body. The Tibetan bowls are made in Tibetan monasteries from 12 metals. The sound of the bowls awakens the cellular memory and make us feel more present.

The tuning forks bring the body, the nervous system, the muscle tone and organs in balance.


Precise mathematical ratios produce pure musical intervals, known as Pythagorean tuning. During sound therapy, the physical body will be repositioned to keep these ratios and will be vibrate in a higher tone. The process is known as Repatterning and developed by Dr. John Beaulieu, pioneer sound therapist.

Benefits of Soundtherapy:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Improvement in organs function
  • Reduce of muscular and mental tensions
  • Recharging and harmonizing the body’s cells
  • Improve sleep, reduce stress
  • Positive influence on the creativity of the individual
  • Alignhment of body, soul and spirit