Full breathing means resonance with the presence of the innate intelligence of nature and the universe, it means vibration with the most subtle powers of the higher mind that give life, joy and inspiration. The willingness to breathe fully means the willingness to be fully emotional, fully alive.

Blocked energy is an inability to be present in the body. Energy blocking is an inability to be alive to feel, to be conscious.

An emotional blockade is a focus on past threats. Healing is the release of resistance to be present, it is the strengthening of coordination with the Self, and it is vitality and health. The cure is liberation from the focus of the past and an opening to the gifts of the present.

The intensity and armouring of the body reduce the level of presence, vitality and coordination with the Soul. Thus, the energy fields of the body and mind are dominated by unconscious negative forces.

After all, our attitude towards life is a statement of energy and our body is a screen on which we project our emotional life.

Life is energy. The ways in which we accept and express life are embedded in the vital fields of our body and in the energy standards of our way of life.

The body is a body of intellect. The body is an existence. We see that the body responds if we feel it and listen to it carefully. Every cell of its existence has consciousness, sense, divine intellect. Mindfulness in the body responds to attention and intention, love and understanding. Consciousness is infinitely creative.

The Body is a set of conscious expressions. When we work with the body in communicative ways respecting it’s intelligence, then it can become deeply collaborative.

Just as a musical instrument needs tuning to make music sound, so does the voice need to release the breath.

The simplest way to control and correct our breathing is to observe. The way we breathe shows the way we live. Conversely, the benefits of proper breathing in the body are transferred to our lives in general.

With deep breathing, more complete oxygenation of the body is achieved. This brings to the surface recorded emotions and feelings. With the right breathing we achieve fullness, greater self-concentration and creativity. It ensures the oxygen supply of the cells and the elimination of carbon dioxide. It’s amazing how little we care about breathing properly.

Conscious breathing has an emotionally calming effect.
It is one of the most effective methods for relaxing the mind and it’s overworking mode.

Another important role of respiration is the awakening of the energy of the body, called prana or Qi, or Cosmic energy. Prana is the cosmic energy that encompasses everything, which we absorb in large quantities through the process of respiration.

Deep breathing has been shown to release endorphins into the bloodstream. Endorphins are powerful brain neurotransmitters that help us cope with pain and help reduce fear and anxiety.

Mindfulness is a way of life. Learn how to infuse presence, intention, and awareness into everything you do.

  1. Slow down, go inside, and give your mind some space to be. Your practice will offer you something new every day.
  2. Look inward and outward to explore questions of the universe, the spirit, and the self.
  3. The journey of self-discovery is never-ending. Follow your own path to find your bliss.