Energy Centers – Exercise with the Body of Light

We start on March 16th in afternoon meetings every Wednesday 8.00-9.30pm (8 meetings)


Did you know that blockages in your chakras can cause physical and psycho-emotional issues?
Our chakras are like the organs of our luminous energy field.

According to Eastern philosophy and medicine our biology is made of light.

The Chakra system is multidimensional and this is very important for the healing process. It unites the Mind with the Body and filters out light vibrations inside and outside our system.

Energy centers offer deep cleansing, alignment, openness and balance of our energies.

They are associated with nervous and hormonal systems, emotions and mental patterns.

When we have unhealed traumas, they manifest like stagnant or stuck energy within our energetic centers. Old stories live inside our energy field, encoded as information stored in our energy centers.

The eastern medicine knew that to activate the healing process, you had to acknowledge the energetic blueprint that is written in the chakras. We find ourselves repeating the same patterns again and again, we follow self development with our narrative mind and sometimes it is only needed to listen through our body.

Each chakra has an element, a color, a position in the body, a mission, a character and a daemon. We can understand that these wheels of Light that are spinning in and off the body they transmit light through our electromagnetic field. They can vibrate harmoniously or being stuck when our vibrations guided by our nerves and hormones, emotions or thoughts influence their motion.

We will explore through the Rights of the Chakras that reflect specific issues or our development.

It is an experiential approach with somatic exercises and energetic techniques that ‘open’ and balance the energy centers (chakras).

You will keep your personal diary with exercises for self acknowledgement.

Understanding our individual system of our energy centers, we understand our authentic Self, our defenses, our needs and the elements we lack. We will explore in this initiative course through narrative analysis, somatic exploration through bodywork and movement, spiritually through meditation, emotionally through exploration and expression of the feelings, visually through conscious meditation, auditory through sound therapy etc.

By awakening and cleansing the chakras in the body, we liberate ourselves from outdated patterns and we live consciously and creatively.

These meetings aim to enhance the self-healing potential that we all have. We can become healers of ourselves by recognizing parts that have different needs, and connect with them in a safe place.

The meetings last 1 1/2 hours and we will explore with very little theory, gentle movement, visualizations, contact and personal diary in order to have an experiential process. The purpose is a unique journey through our dynamic self.

In each meeting we will examine each Chakra and we learn exercises that can repeat in our personal time to work with our personal themes.


1st Survival, Security, Limits, Grounding, Confidence, Roots, Prosperity
2nd Movement, Flow, Guilt, Need, Desire, I feel
3rd Transformation, Shame, Autonomy, Individuality, Self-Esteem
4th Love, Balance, Relationships, Sadness
5th Truth, Lie, Communication, Creativity
6th Pattern Discernment, Illusion, Insight, Intuition
7th Knowledge, Thought, Attachment, Self-knowledge

We suggest you have a yoga mat next to you and wear comfortable and warm clothes if you practice outdoors. Also soft shoes if you are out on your terrace or socks so you can ‘feel’ the movement and breathe on the soles of your feet.

Each meeting is autonomous and you can attend anytime you resonate with some. We recommend though that it is worth it to attend all as it is a pleasant discovery approach.

All you need to do is contact me here to send you the link or tel. 6972835105.

The cost of each meeting is 15 euros.
• For those who watch more than 2, there is a discount and the cost is 10 euros after the first 3 prepaid.

Experience, Connection, Breathing, Motion. Explore your existence as Beings made of Light! It is ONLY for Good!