Embodied Listening with Breath / Mind / Movement

A somatic experiencing

Giving voice to the body is vital and through our own unique experiential listening we are able to develop an inner relationship to cultivate WHOLE BODY PRESENCE.

WHOLE BODY PRESENCE is facilitated by bringing attention to the body’s Life forward Energy or Qi. We will explore and interact with the body’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual pathways.

In this mini online workshop, utilizing the skills of Breath work and Body movement, we will tune in and clear the space in order to sense our Qi and harmonize our energetic field (including the Chakras).

Cost: 40 €

For the online workshop EMBODIED LISTENING – SOMATIC EXPERIENCING you will need:
  • Interested curiosity.
  • Good internet connection.
  • Desktop or laptop with camera and microphone.
    Laptops have built-in.
  • Optional external speaker if you need to listen to the instructions louder.
    Usually, the computer speaker is enough.
  • Yoga mat.
  • Blanket for relaxation.
  • A room with sufficient space, lighting and ventilation.
  • Optionally a natural essential oil for aromatizing the space.

When the soul suffers, it is imprinted on the body. And when the body suffers, it is reflected in the Soul.

The body knows, the soul listens, the spirit lives