The body knows, the soul listens, the spirit lives

Agatsou comes from the two words Love(AGAPI in Greek) and Shiatsu. Maria Charlet created and has spread to small therapeutic laboratories on 2004. I keep on as authorized Agatsou Teacher, trained by her to teach since 2008 to the present. These workshops continue to inspire practitioners in Complementary Health methods, professionals, students and likeminded people who want to experience the Mindful Touch and the art of it in the physical manipulation of the Body.

The Body, the Mind and the Soul are an indivisible whole. The heart reflects the core of human existence and is the bridge between its material and spiritual dimensions.

The development of therapeutic work through skills and meta-skills can facilitate the therapist in his work.

In the 1st and 2nd level of this workshop we will explore and interact with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual paths of the body.

Using our skills we will proceed to their development.
In this intensive 1st Level (Theory and Experience) you will learn:
  • ENERGY BODY- Anatomy, Experience, Technique.
  • LIGHT BODY – Introduction and Connection with energy centers.
  • The Body as an Hologram .
  • Introduction to the healing power of Sound .
  • Introduction to the therapeutic action of Crystals.
  • Mindful Touch Connection, Consciousness, Awareness
  • 1st Technique of AGATSOU .
  • Empowering and release exercises for the practitioner.

The participants explore and exchange with direct experience all the techniques. They can apply them directly, incorporate them into their technique and into their personal style.

A certificate of attendance is given.

It is aimed for health professionals, students of complementary methods, masseurs, Spa Therapists and people with similar interests.

Duration: 12 HOURS