“Between your two thumbs you can feel a sort of echo or spark, and then they feel as one… you can create oneness. By using two hands. We call this sharing “life compassion”

Shizuto Masunaga

The Body knows
when it clears the space – it is able to hold the space, to free the mind and reconnect.

The Soul listens
within every negative feeling is potential for the next positive movement forward.

The Spirit lives
within the ‘revolutionary pause’ lies the Sacred Qi – the Body’s wisdom.

In our Shiatsu education and therapeutic relationship, we study complex philosophy, read books, and follow an experiential learning process. Also, our personal changes are reflected in this House of Wisdom.

Most of our professional body seeks to support clients with their own empowerment, in terms of utilizing their full potential, whether it is for their health or not.

Our various approaches, skills and abilities as Shiatsu practitioners aim to achieve a dynamic ability to manage, transform and empower our own health and the health of the client. This means continuous study and development, not only of our established personal and professional skills, but also of new ones. Post-skill (a term from the English word metaskill) is a key skill that allows us to engage more effectively in our skills with the functional expertise to enhance and activate them. It is these skills and meta-skills that make everyone practice a very unique Shiatsu and find their personal style. And since Shiatsu is a way of life for most of us, it is a process that comes naturally…

It is a continuous, living process of relationship between me and myself, me and the client, me and the world that has constant challenges and requires strong resources to manage them.

And starting from there…

  • How I could be more conscious about this multidimensional connection?
  • How I could better listen to myself and the client through body , without any expectation?
  • How I could cultivate the skills of my practice as Alignment, scanning in the body, sensing the flow of Qi, the internal ‘dialogue’ with the body, mindful Touch, clean language skills, chakras and meridians?
  • How do I feel, how do I recognize and create an interactive relationship within the Body… reconnecting all parts of it?
  • How is it like to be Present in the healing process?
  • How is it like to develop this relationship during my personal and professional ‘growing’ process?

In times of great challenge, we need strong resources that nurture therapist’s endurance, calm and provide safe space for him to be able to support himself and the client.

Mental resilience is a continuous work of personal development that is reflected in our professional existence. Empathy and compassion are not qualities! They are a living process that leads the therapist to manage himself and his relationship with the receiver.

In ‘Sharing Life Compassion’ cycle there will be space to explore and develop skills and meta-skills, individually and in small groups.

The goal is for each therapist to gain more confidence and authenticity in their practice and to stabilize his/her existence in the practice of therapeutic work live or remotely.

In this Interaction Cycle:

  • We will explore and develop skills and techniques that apply directly to our work face to face and distant healing.
  • We will recognize and connect with what we do not know.
    • Internal Relationship Development – Awareness
    • Experiential resonance with the Wholeness through the Body
    • Integration of practices in therapeutic work
    • Mindful Touch and Connection
It is aimed for Shiatsu practitioners, health professionals and other modalities, students and graduates, who are interested in developing their skills and personal empowerment and would like to have a deeper approach to their practice.

Practice techniques can be applied or combined in all styles of therapeutic work.

For people in abroad the meetings will be ON LINE with the ZOOM platform and there will be the possibility of watching later (recordings), if one cannot participate in any of them.

For Greece could be LIVE in small groups for safety reasons and in accordance with the pandemic precautions.