The most powerful force for healing and regeneration lies deep within us. Our body wants to be healthy!

A healing Retreat

Rejuvenation, Relax, Communication, Grounding, Enjoyment
Internal acquaintance, Free Time, Sharing, Connection.
An opportunity for surrendering, opening, introspection, joy to be with a company, good food and swimming in the sea in the wonderful embrace of Aegina.

We will start our meeting on Thursday, June 30 at 5.00pm and we will unload the tension of the city under the light of the Full Moon.

  • Thursday 17.00 welcoming
    Crystal Cleansing and Meditation
  • Friday and Saturday Activation of the Light Body
    Sessions Mornings 08.30-09.30
  • 09.30-10.30 Breakfast
    In between a lot of free time with the possibility to visit the Temple of Aphaia, a boat sailing for those who wish, a walk in the Ancient Olive Grove, painting for private lesson.
  • Afternoon Sessions 18.00-19.30 (before dinner)
    Psychosomatic Εnergy work and Meditation
  • Dinner 20.30
  • Sunday 12.00-13.30 Closing the Retreat
    Space for Feedback

The aim of this therapeutic retreat is the connection with the self and nature, our interaction with the Whole that is in us and around us.

Those who are interested can contact at