Developing META SKILLS in Shiatsu and Energy Work for Trauma and Anxiety

We are introducing a new program Harmonize in Somatic Therapy for developing skills and metaskills to enhance practitioner’s personal and professional development in Shiatsu and Energy work. It offers mental health practitioners and body-based techniques that can assist in the release of trauma and stress from the body. Practical healing strategies are included for empowerment of your work toward a state of self-trust, confidence and resilience.

Our various approaches, competencies and skills as Shiatsu practitioners aim to achieve a dynamic ability to manage and transform one’s own and the client’s health (as often the two-go hand in hand). This means continuously studying and developing, not only our established skills but also new or fresh skills. And as Shiatsu for most of us is way of life, it is a process that comes naturally…

Focusing as Meta life skill

When I started practicing Focusing as Life Skill 5 years ago, I realized that much of my personal Focusing process was being applied within my Shiatsu practice with the client. My personal exploration quickly extended into my Shiatsu practice, in many different areas and ways.

Alignment, scanning in the body, sensing the flowing of Qi, the internal ‘dialogue’ with the body, Touch, resonance, intention, clean language skills, chakras and meridians were all skills that interacted naturally with my acquired Focusing skills.

  • Discover the power of body’s whispers in relieving distress after trauma
  • Build a deeper, stronger and safer relationship within your practice, your body, your client
  • Foster inner attitude of groundedness and connection with the field
  • Establish the fundamental principles for healing process
  • Learn to release the somatic symptoms of trauma from the tissues and body
  • Learn to release the energetic dynamics of Trauma
  • Integrate Shiatsu skills with other skills tailored for Trauma release

In somatic practice, Focusing can be applied in order to help the practitioner to enhance his/her talent and to develop qualities of mindfulness, stillness, empathy, embodying listening, presence, trauma focused somatic experience and gain a personal resilience for his/her own mental health as therapist.

A field where equality, freedom and resilience are been created, for both the practitioner and the receiver.

Focusing Metaskills within the practice of Shiatsu.

  • Opening up to my body’s Know How
  • Discovering and connecting to my body’s inner wisdom, possibilities and depth.
  • Learning how to dis-identify and clear a space in the body to be able to track and allow a Felt Sense to come forward.
  • Developing the ability to hold a safe space for both sides
  • Embodied Listening – Accompanying myself and others by learning to access and listen to body’s inner wisdom.
  • Recognizing the language of the Blocking, Preventive and Standstill parts in me. Cultivating my inner state of presence. Introducing a new facilitative language-ing and dialogue.
  • Responding from my state of Presence to my Faultfinder(s). A new way of relating to my inner and outer critic(s)
  • A reprocessing of all the levels culminating in relating to my Fault Finder(s) through Focusing in Thinking at the Edge mode

Being a Focuser in my Shiatsu practice

Through learning the focusing skills; Clearing a Space, experientially listening to my body’s wisdom, recognizing critical thoughts and being able to place them on the side, being fully present from my state of Presence; I learned the importance of creating a safe inner space for the receiver (client) which allowed the natural unfolding and interaction between the different unknown ‘somethings’.

I began to explore, sense, ‘smell’ and support a new form of somatic contact that is “processing without expectations”.

A wonderful journey had begun… Learning how to be fully present in my body and cultivating the skills to discover the breadth and depth of empathy for both myself and the client through “interested curiosity”, embodied listening, recognizing both my own and the clients boundaries, building trust within the relationship, whilst being fully present, has become simply ‘a process’ that continuously moves forward. And all of this begins with a simple ‘’dialogue’, that each person has the ability to tap into.

This innate ability is alive and waiting to be discovered in each person’s body, waiting to begin its odyssey…